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Acupuncture for Respiratory Health in Calgary, AB

Respiratory Health

Acupuncture for Cough, Asthma and Sinus Infection

Respiratory system is controlled by Lung, Spleen and Kidney in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Chronic respiratory problems usually caused by the following reasons:

Dysfunction of Lung Qi (energy flow):  the flow of Lung-Qi should be going downwards. For some reason, such as catching of bacteria or virus (catching of wind, cold or heat in TCM term), Lung Qi will go upwards and cause symptoms of cough and asthma.

Spleen Qi deficiency: one of spleen’s functions is to transport and transform body fluid. When spleen Qi is affected by external factors such as cold or heat (virus/bacteria), the body fluid will get retained and will produce phlegm or nasal discharge.

These products should be expelled from the body so the external pathogenic factors (virus/bacteria) can be removed from the body together with phlegm and nasal discharge. Some drugs such as nasal cortisone spray are to suppressant the secretion, which leaves the inflammation deep inside and makes the disease into a chronic one.

Kidney Qi Deficiency:  in TCM, all kinds of chronic diseases go to Kidney eventually. So Chronic cough (bronchitis) and asthma are due to Kidney Yin / Yang deficiency, which may lead to problems like fatigue, shortness of breath, low immune system, edema, obesity or even early aging.

By inserting needles in points and channels that related to these 3 internal organs, acupuncture can regulate Lung Qi, replenish Spleen and Kidney, so as to remove pathogenic factors, relieve symptoms like cough, asthma, phlegm, stuffy nose, and regain immune ability.

For people with chronic bronchitis or asthma, summer tune up treatment is recommended to avoid episode in winter.

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