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New Rules: Acupuncture During a Pandemic

At Southcentre Chinese Acupuncture, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of safe, hygienic, and effective acupuncture.

To help curtail community transmission, we have implemented the following measures:


When Booking an Appointment

When you call to book an appointment,We will ask you a series of questions such as: 

  • “Have you traveled internationally within the last 14 days?”
  • “Have you recently had unprotected close contact with individuals who are a confirmed or presumptive case of COVID 19?”
  • “Are you experiencing any COVID 19 related symptoms?”

Anyone with symptoms of the coronavirus will be asked not to visit us at this time, and we highly recommend you to cancel your appointment if you begin to feel ill prior to your visit. 

In these cases, no late cancellation fees will be charged

We also highly recommend that you visit us on your own unless there are no other alternatives.

Before You Come 

New patients: please fill out the Acupuncture Intake and Consent Form online:

Existing patients: please fill out the Pandemic consent form

After filling out the appropriate form(s), simply click the Submit button, and the forms will be sent to Dr. Yan’s email inbox.


Once You Arrive

Masks or face coverings are mandatory throughout your stay in the clinic. 

We ask that you remove your footwear. Disposable foot coverings are available on your choice. 

Only two people can use the waiting area at a time to conform with recommended physical distancing measures.

Please note, we have temporarily removed all magazines and pamphlets, and have added hand sanitizers at multiple locations. Feel free to use them.


During & After Treatment

When you enter the treatment room, you will be required to wash your hands or apply hand sanitizer. The same rules will be followed by Dr. Yan before we start the session.

Dr. Yan will put on a single-use disinfected surgical gown while performing acupuncture to prevent any possible cross-contamination.

Everything used on the massage table will either go to the laundry or the garbage after a single use.

All the surfaces in the treatment room will be disinfected after each patient.

We will only accept card payment. If you can’t use the tap-to-pay feature, the PIN pad will be disinfected before being handed to you.


Other Reminders

In order to avoid cross-contamination, we stagger our appointments to ensure minimal contact with other patients. As such, please be on time for your appointment. 

We hope all these measures will give you confidence that you can enjoy a safe acupuncture treatment. Should you have suggestions or concerns, please do let us know.

Thank you!


Dr. Yan

Southcentre Acupuncture Clinic

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