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Menopause Acupuncture

Menopause Acupuncture

What is menopause?

Menopause is a natural phenomenon associated with aging within women. Just before or after a woman stops menstruating, she goes through various changes in her body marking the end of her reproductive period.

Women especially between the age of 40 to 45 experience menopause symptoms like irregular periods, low fertility, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, disturbed sleep, urinary problems, emotional changes, problems in focusing and learning, and even symptoms like fat buildup in the abdomen which could lead to obesity, symptoms of hair loss and hair thinning, breast shrinkage, etc.

Regular treatment for women, in that case, is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) which, is not suitable for all women.


Small Study in Acupuncture treating Menopause

A study published in BMJ Open suggests the idea that Acupuncture can help treat the symptoms of menopause for women. According to the study, 70 women between the ages of 40 to 65 were suffering from the symptoms of hot flashes. They had not received any hormone therapy or medical therapy for the same.

The Danish researches who published the study had 50 women in random order receive five weekly sessions of acupuncture by trained practitioners. After the end of 6 weeks, the acupuncture group reported better scores in hot flashes, day-and-night sweats, skin and hair symptoms, menopausal-specific sleeping problems, and emotional symptoms over the control group.

The study concluded that acupuncture offers “a realistic” treatment option for women who cannot or do not want to, use hormone replacement therapy (HRT).


Acupuncture in Menopause

The human body contains various channels of energy. These energy channels called meridians run throughout the body and over its surface in regular patterns.

When the body’s capability of the natural flow of energy through these meridians is obstructed by emotional or physical trauma like in the case of menopause, acupuncture helps.

In acupuncture, very fine needles are inserted in the body along the channels of energy/meridian to unblock the stagnant or obstructed energy, which helps regulate the energy flow in the body and correct the imbalances of the body’s systems.

Acupuncture can be called the natural way to treat menopause in women suffering from symptoms of hot flashes, sweats, difficulty in concentration, mood swings, depression and hormonal and emotional imbalances.


Dr. Hong Yan of South Centre Chinese Acupuncture

Dr. Hong Yan holds professional degrees in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from China and has been practicing in the field for over 25 years. She specializes in three distinguished therapies, Comprehensive Acupuncture Pain Management, Female Hormone Balancing Acupuncture and Brain Activating Acupuncture.

Her therapies are focused on treating pain, stress, fatigue, stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS), sinus infection, allergy, headache, migraine, woman’s health, bronchitis, asthma, eczema and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

A registered acupuncturist in Calgary acupuncture clinic serving Calgary south, Dr. Hong Yan uses 90% acupuncture only and just 10% of herb combinations.

If you are looking out for a natural way of treating your menopause symptoms through traditional Chinese Acupuncture, book an appointment today with us to avail the best of Calgary Acupuncture.


Click here to check out Dr. Yan’s published article on how to treat menopause syndrome with acupunture.

This article was first published in the European Journal of Original Medicine (EJOM) Volume 8, No 5, 2017.

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