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General Heath

I have been seeing Dr.Hong Yan for over 4 years now and she is the BEST acupuncturist I have ever experienced. She is extremely intuitively intelligent in her field and was actually an Instructor/Mt Royal College/Acupressure program! Dr Yan is thorough and her passion is to help others heal. She focuses on total healing of any physical pain/problems I have had in the past – be it hormonal, stomach/digestion problems & acid reflux, insomnia, weight gain/menopause & hormonal balancing, concussion/migraines, circulation problems and now I am going to have her do my “mini facelift”. I met another one of her patients who emphatically said that Dr.Hong’s treatments truly work to smooth out wrinkles and give mini-facelift! SHE IS THE BEST AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER TO EVERYONE!
–Susan Zimmer (

General Health

When I moved to Calgary four yrs. ago I was in the need of an acupuncturist . Upon finding Dr. Yan I had tried other local acupuncturist but not fully pleased for myself. I have been a patient of Dr. Yan for two yrs. now. I have found that her expertise and knowledge fits my expectations. She treats my family for their needs and health, Dr Yan true interest in her patients well being is genuine! I highly recommend her to my family, friends and people I meet. For aid in stress management, IBS and hormonal balancing and other health needs. Her office has a warm feeling… I alway leave like I have had a day at the spa! I will continue to see her for tweaking to keep my life in full harmony and balance.

General Health

Before I started receiving acupuncture treatments from Dr. Hong Yan, I was suffering with barotrauma (my ears had constant pressure and pain), chronic migraines, anxiety, and panic attacks. For years I tried doctors, specialists, medication, psychiatry, and many alternative healing methods. Acupuncture was just another alternative healing method I was willing to try because nothing had ever worked. I was ready to try anything! Before my first treatment, I admit, I was a little scared of what it would feel like but was pleasantly surprised that it was painless. It was relaxing! After just 6 treatments I was shocked to find that my ears healed and went back to normal. I had spent 6 months in agony. Even more unbelievable was the reduction in migraines, anxiety and panic attacks and within 1 year, complete recovery. I went through 15 years of medical treatment for migraines, anxiety and panic attacks. One year recovery is astonishing.

I now use acupuncture as the service for ALL of my medical needs that arise. There has not been one medical issue that has occurred that Dr. Hong Yan was not able to successfully treat. With any service or treatment, the result of your experience is directly related to the individual person that is working with you. I have found Dr. Hong Yan highly skilled and intuitive in assessing my overall health. She is caring and kind and I trust her more than any other health care professional. I recommend her to everyone and am forever grateful for her skill, expertise and above all, commitment to my complete health and recovery.
–Clarisa Lang

Family Health (UTI, Headaches and IBS)

I want to let you know how grateful I am to a friend that also was a patient of Dr. Hong Yan that introduced me and my whole family to Dr. Yan. I am very happy with the results of the acupuncture treatments I received, and am still receiving maintenance treatment, for chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs) that I have been getting for the past 10 years or so. Antibiotics would cure the problem temporarily but the UTI remain in my system and reoccur. Not only did Dr. Yan help me with chronic urinary tract infections but she also helped me with a life long battle with bad circulation and also other issues.

Also, Dr. Yan is highly educated to treat all different kinds of ailments. Dr. Yan is now treating my husband for his chronic neck and back pain and also severe headaches. My daughter also goes to acupuncture treatments for her IBS which she is extremely happy with the results. My daughter said she enjoys going to these treatments as she always feel better afterwards.

I have talked to people in the waiting room at Dr. Yan’s office and I get all positive feedback from them also. We totally recommend Dr. Yan.
— The Tse Family

General Health

I came to see Dr Yan with symptoms that I had been having for a few months. I explained how I was feeling, and Dr. Yan listened quietly and compassionately, and gave her professional opinion. With each treatment that I received, Dr. Yan was gentle, and very kind and patiently answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend Dr Yan to anyone who is seeking acupuncture treatments as she is very professional and if she is not able to treat your symptoms successfully, she will not hesitate to tell you. Dr Yan genuinely wants her patients to heal and to feel better and to have the best treatment possible. I look forward to each session I have with her, and when I leave after a treatment, I am refreshed and envigorated. Thank you, Dr. Yan for your genuine caring, and your exceptional skills.
–D. Burke

Fertility (IVF support)

I have spent many years suffering from infertility and undergoing fertility treatments. On my third IVF treatment, Dr Yan performed acupuncture on a regular basis for a few months leading up to my transfer. Acupuncture substantially improved my uterine functions and I could really feel that the treatments had made a complete difference in my body. After 10 years of trying to conceive (with only one chemical pregnancy), I got pregnant! I attribute this to the wonderful acupuncture treatments of Dr. Yan. She is so sweet and accommodating and she is highly trained and skilled and I know that her acupuncture had made a difference in my fertility.

Pains (Osteoarthritis)

I started seeing Dr Yan several years ago because of chronic neck, shoulder and hand pain, tingling and numbness. My family doctor recommended acupuncture before moving on to more invasive procedures. I had 2 to 3 treatments the first couple of weeks and am now on a maintenance program of one treatment per month. Because of Dr Yan and acupuncture I remain pain free without drugs or extensive procedures.
–Madeline S

Menopause Difficulty

Dr. Yan is very pleasant & knowledgeable.She was recommended to me by a girlfriend who was very impressed with her.I saw her for menopausal symptoms and chronic insomnia.All of my symptoms have greatly improved.
I highly recommend Dr. Yan.
–Christine Hope

Fertility (PCOS)

I suffered with PCOS associated with irregular periods, no ovulation and short luteal phase. We had been trying to have a baby for a year when I went to see Dr. Yan. For three months therapy she was able to make my period regular (28 days), ovulation at the 14th day, and the luteal phase long enough to support a pregnancy. I got pregnant at the third month and had a beautiful baby girl nine months later!

I went to see her again in about year and a half later when we decided to have a second baby, even though I had none of the abovementioned problems. I got pregnant at the second month of supporting therapy and had a baby boy nine months later.

I have not had any problems with my period since I was first treated by Dr.Yan

Thanks so much, Dr Yan!

Menopause Difficulties

I was going through menopause and I was having some significant symptoms. I was 55 and I was dealing with a menstrual cycle that occurred every 25 days and lasted for about a week. This meant there were only a few days in a month where I did not have symptoms. One of the worst symptoms was the almost constant feeling of nausea. It was like having a bad case of morning sickness associated with early pregnancy that never went away. I did not want to go on hormone replacement therapy for relief so I decided to look into alternative therapies. One day I saw an article about Dr. Yan in my neighbourhood newspaper that offered help for women who had trouble conceiving. The article got me to thinking – why not acupuncture to help me with my symptoms? So I stopped by her office for a consultation and began having acupuncture sessions.

My symptoms do not disappear immediately after an acupuncture session but I always felt better within a couple of days after the treatments. With continuous treatments, the result could last from 1 to 6 weeks.

I continue to be bothered by hot flashes but I rarely have episodes of sweating and I still have some nausea but it is also better when I have regular acupuncture treatments. I continue to go for acupuncture treatments as I find I have fewer symptoms when I go.
–Anna A.

Multiple Sclerosis

I have Multiple Sclerosis and I have been going to Dr. Hong Yan once a week faithfully for Chinese Acupuncture. When I started going to Dr. Hong Yan a little over 8 weeks ago my forearms, hands and fingers were embarrassingly numb, my right eye was blurry and my legs were very heavy, numb and clumsy. I also had a lot of anxiety and stress which may have been caused by postpartum. Today, thanks to Dr. Hong Yan I think clearly, I have way more energy, I feel in my forearms, hands and fingers again, I see normal through my right eye and I walk with confidence. I am totally satisfied with the treatment Dr. Hong Yan has provided me with and I recommend anyone who has health issues to faithfully try Chinese Acupuncture with Dr. Hong Yan. Even though the painless treatment does take time to heal it is worth every penny, after all can you really put a price on your health and wellbeing?
–Nicole C. LaPointe
Proud Patient

Chronic Bronchitis

As I have chronic bronchitis, I have been a patient of Dr. Yan’s for several years. She has provided treatments when it has been in the acute phase as well as for prevention. With these treatments, I am sick less often, with quicker and easier recovery time if I do get sick. I appreciate that Dr. Yan uses a combination of acupuncture and herbs as needed. Dr. Yan’s needling technique is excellent. I’m thankful for Dr. Yan’s care.


Dr Hong Yan managed to reverse my alopecia – a chronic condition that does not usually have a good prognosis. After a year of stress and very little sleep I lost a significant amount of my hair in about a month and the dermatologists I visited told me that conventional medicine has not discovered a treatment for the root cause of this auto-immune condition. The likelihood for full hair loss was high, and a pattern of hair loss and regrowth for the rest of my life highly probable. After an initial set of weekly acupuncture visits I noticed that my hair had started to grow back in the affected areas. What is more, subsequent hair loss tapered off and I no longer need to tie my hair back. Dr Hong Yan has had a profound effect on my physical and emotional healing. Thank you, doctor, for your knowledge and compassion.

Stress and Insomnia

Dr Hong Yan’s acupuncture has had an incredibly beneficial effect on my life. I had worked nearly a year of consistent high stress and heavy overtime at work and was in rough shape. I was searching for a way to improve my health and mental state that conventional medicine just did not offer. Dr Hong Yan’s first treatment had a powerful and immediate effect. Since then, regular acupuncture along with a healthy diet and exercise are key aspects of my physical and mental regimen. I have recommended Dr Hong Yan to friends and family. Thank you Dr Hong Yan!


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