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Emergency Acupressure You Can Do At Home

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There are a few times in life when stress or pain hits us all too quickly. When that happens, we may not be able to get to our doctor or acupuncturist on time. Maybe the pain comes late at night. Maybe it shows up over the weekend. If you start to suffer outside of Southcentre Chinese Acupuncture’s opening hours, here are some effective acupuncture tricks that may help ease your pain until you can make an appointment.

For Headache 

The humble headache is a common cause for sudden discomfort that can range from mild to severe. There are many different reasons we experience headaches, and since head pain can be felt on various places around your neck, there are many different acupressure points to help alleviate your pain. A headache can also indicate hunger, thirst, or eye fatigue, so before you apply acupressure, make sure that those issues aren’t the cause.

Easiest Acupressure Point for Headaches: Hand Valley Point

Where It’s Located: The soft spot in between your thumb and index finger.

How to Perform Acupressure: Apply pressure with your opposite thumb and forefinger on either side of this area.

The Hand Valley Point is also shown to help reduce stress, mitigate toothache, lower shoulder tension and neck pain, and help with constipation.

For Nausea and Stomach Pain

Maybe it’s something you ate. Or perhaps stress is causing digestion issues. If you suddenly find yourself feeling queasy, we recommend lying down somewhere dark and cool away from noise. Ginger tea may also help ease your symptoms. If you’re feeling up to it, applying acupressure may benefit in this situation.

Easiest Acupressure Point for Nausea: Inner Gate Point

Where to Locate It: About three centimetres below your wrist crease

How to Perform Acupressure: With your opposite hand (right hand), apply firm pressure with your thumb.

The Inner Gate Point can also help reduce indigestion and anxiety.

For Sciatica and Arthritis

Many people don’t even know where their sciatic nerve is, but the moment you experience sciatic pain for the first time, you’re likely never to forget. Sciatica can first start as a mild pinch on in your lower back, hip, or buttock. The pain can eventually become so severe that your entire right leg becomes numb and you can no longer walk without hurting.

Easiest Acupressure Point for Sciatica: Above Tears Point

Where to Locate It: Approximately one inch below the webbing between your fourth and fifth toe

How to Perform Acupressure: For the relief of sciatic pain, apply pressure with your thumb, or ask someone to do it for you.

The Above Tears Point is also helpful for the relief of shoulder pain, arthritis, and headache.

In the meantime, please familiarize yourself with our clinic hours, and give us a call as soon as you can to book your professional acupuncture appointment with Dr. Yan.

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