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Acupuncture Basics Part 1: What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture Basics Part 1: What Is Acupuncture? If you’re new to holistic healing methods, the idea of healing yourself by having dozens of tiny needles inserted into your body might give a person pause.  In fact, some western medical practitioners are unfamiliar with all of the benefits this ancient Easter tradition can provide, and will… Continue reading Acupuncture Basics Part 1: What Is Acupuncture?

How to Take Care of Your Respiratory System

It’s more important, this year, to protect our respiratory system as best as we can. With the cooler months on the way and COVID-19 still an issue, people are looking for any and every way to protect themselves and prevent disease.  Dr. Yan explains how to take care of your respiratory system in time for… Continue reading How to Take Care of Your Respiratory System

Acupuncture for Immune System Treatments

Many people who struggle with chronic health problems don’t realize how their issues are compounded by a weakened or compromised immune system. Many factors can undermine immune systems, but treatments like acupuncture can effectively restore their vital functions. By stimulating the body, acupuncture therapy can help with a wide range of health issues.    Vital… Continue reading Acupuncture for Immune System Treatments

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Autoimmune disease and Acupuncture

What is an autoimmune disease? The body’s immune system is conditioned to guard against germs like bacteria and viruses. Whenever the immune system senses any foreign body it releases fighter cells to attack them and protect the body in simple terms. The immune system very well knows the difference between its cells and foreign cells.… Continue reading Autoimmune disease and Acupuncture

Menopause Acupuncture

What is menopause? Menopause is a natural phenomenon associated with aging within women. Just before or after a woman stops menstruating, she goes through various changes in her body marking the end of her reproductive period. Women especially between the age of 40 to 45 experience menopause symptoms like irregular periods, low fertility, vaginal dryness,… Continue reading Menopause Acupuncture

Female Hormone Balancing Acupuncture

What is Female Hormone Balance? Female hormone balance means the balance between the hormones estrogen and progesterone. When this is in balance, it ensures a normal female reproductive ability. An imbalance between the two hormones may lead to disorders such as irregular menstruation infertility endometriosis menopause syndrome Female Hormone Balancing Acupuncture (FHBA) helps to bring… Continue reading Female Hormone Balancing Acupuncture

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How Acupuncture Relieves Constipation

Being constipated is an uncomfortable and, sometimes, extremely painful condition that happens to most people at some point in their lifetime. For those who cannot treat their constipation with medications or other common remedies that are harsh on their body, studies are finding that acupuncture is an option. What Is Constipation? Constipation happens when it is… Continue reading How Acupuncture Relieves Constipation

Is Acupuncture Effective for Weight Loss?

Acupuncture is the process of insertion of very fine, sterile needles at specific body points or acupressures called meridians that help regulate the flow of energy in the body. According to Chinese Medicine, this flow of energy in the body is called ‘qi.’ When the ‘qi’ flows naturally the body is balanced and healthy. The… Continue reading Is Acupuncture Effective for Weight Loss?

Acupuncture Treatment for IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is a debilitating intestinal condition that is not fully understood. It can cause stomach pain, bloating, and diarrhea or constipation; episodes can be triggered by stress, hormones, or specific foods. Doctors believe the condition is caused by a problem with the signals between the brain and the digestive system, and… Continue reading Acupuncture Treatment for IBS

Emergency Acupressure You Can Do At Home

There are a few times in life when stress or pain hits us all too quickly. When that happens, we may not be able to get to our doctor or acupuncturist on time. Maybe the pain comes late at night. Maybe it shows up over the weekend. If you start to suffer outside of Southcentre… Continue reading Emergency Acupressure You Can Do At Home

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