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As an experienced acupuncture specialist, Dr. Yan selects minimal points to achieve maximal results. She applies her own energy (Shen) through the needle to interact with the patients’ to correct stagnation, excess and deficiency, so as to help the healing.


The theory behind acupuncture as a medical treatment is very different from that of Western medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine, imbalances in the basic energetic flow of life — known as Qi— are thought to cause illness. Qi is believed to flow through 20 major pathways (meridians) in your body. These meridians and the energy flow are accessible through approximately 400 different acupuncture points. By inserting extremely fine needles into these acupuncture points in various combinations, your energy flow will rebalance. This allows your body’s natural healing mechanisms to take over.

The healing process takes time. The results of the first few treatments usually last from 48 hours to less than a week. By re-stimulating the same Acu-points regularly, the result will build up, and usually, after around 6 treatments, the result will climb to a peak, then you can experience a huge relief of the symptoms. In some acute disorders, since the damage to the body is not very severe, the body can heal by itself when the symptoms are relieved.

For some chronic disorders, patients need a long time of treatment to achieve a new balance. The reset of a balance takes the following 3 steps:

01  Symptom relieving phase

patients are supposed to come for treatment twice a week or at least once a week, so as to quickly relieve main symptoms and activate the body to function in a higher level. This phase takes around 6 times of treatment.

02 Balance achieving phase

based on the first phase, now the body is more energetic and more sensitive to acupuncture stimulation. Since major symptoms are much relieved, points to harmonize Yin-Yang and regulate internal organs are selected to achieve the balance of body and mind. Patients are required to come for a treatment once a week or one every two weeks and continue to around 1 month.

03 Balance maintaining phase

in this phase, patients will notice on and off of some symptoms. This is because the body is in a unstable new balance. They still need to come for a treatment twice or once a month to get a stable balance. This phase usually takes one or two months. At the end of this phase, based on your pulse and tongue picture at that moment, Dr Yan will let you know your precautions in diet and life style, so that you can avoid the relapse and keep healthy in a long run.

Acupuncture is performed by carefully and painlessly inserting a hair fine stainless steel needle to a certain part of the body, known as Acu-points. You feel a little sting, which is usually described as a mosquito bite, when the needle penetrates the skin. After that, the practitioner will gently push the needle to a certain depth, a heavy, dull or tingling sensation may appear, known as the arrival of Qi. Most people feel relaxed during and after the treatment. In some cases, the symptoms may flare up for a short period of time which is usually followed by a big relief.

Dr. Yan cares about her patients, she is always trying her best to provide an effective and safe therapy to solve your health concerns and improve your life quality. Acupuncture can be applied to treat the following diseases with successful results:

Respiratory Diseases

Eye Disorders

Orthopedic Disorders

Neurological Disorders

Eye Disorders

Disorders of the Mouth Cavity

Bronchopulmonary Diseases

Gastrointestinal Disorders

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