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Brain Activating Acupuncture

A therapy to Central Nervous System and Mental Disorders

Brain Activating Acupuncture is also know as “Xing Nao Kai Qiao (XNKQ)” in China. It was put forward by Prof. Shi Xuemin, the former president of the 1st teaching hospital of Tianjin University of TCM and the only TCM academician in China. It was originally designed and applied to help stroke patients to recover. After 30 years of practice, its indications have been widened to central nervous system diseases and mental health issues.

Brain Activating Acupuncture has a fixed main prescription with 3 points. Through modern research, these 3 points can produce the following changes in the body:

  • Improving hemodynamics: they can decrease blood viscosity, red blood cell aggregation index, fibrinogen and platelet aggregation index. All of these factors will retard the blood circulation. When the hemodynamics are normal, blood circulation will be smooth, so there will be more blood circulating to the brain.
  • Improving cerebral oxygen metabolism and blood flow: these 3 points together with other head points can dilate cerebral vessels so as to improve the blood supply to the brain, thus increasing the oxygen and energy metabolism and decreasing the damage in the brain.
  • Producing beneficial changes in the hyperfine structure of the cardiac muscle so as to improve the heart’s function in pumping more blood to the brain.

Brain Activating Acupuncture has another group of points on the body. Most of these points are in the areas with a rich distribution of peripheral nerves. Stimulating these points can enhance the mobility of the four limbs.

In China, Brain Activating Acupuncture is widely applied to treat stroke related symptoms and complications. Such as:

  • Hemiplegia
  • Aphasia
  • Central facial paralysis
  • Brain-heart syndrome
  • Pseudobulbar palsy
  • Post stroke depression
  • Post stroke epilepsy
  • Vascular dementia
  • TIA and stroke prevention

Since 1972, Brain Activating Acupuncture has been applied to help stroke patients in the 1st Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of TCM. Here is some research they have done:

First timeMore than 1 time
Cerebral HemorrhageCerebral InfarctionCerebral HemorrhageCerebral Infarction
Clinical Cured327 (54.41%)1162 (60.64%)80(41.67%)242(49.19%)
Markedly Improved154(25.62%)414 (21.54%)61(31.78%)114(23.17%)
No Effect—  —6(0.31%)2(1.04%)5(1.02%)
Commonly Effective Rate601 (98.84%)1922(99.0%1)192(95.83%)492(96.95%)

Applying Brain activating Acupuncture to 1st time Cerebral Infarction

Clinically CuredMarkedly ImprovedImprovedNo EffectDeadTotal Cases
≤48 hours165(72.37%)41(17.98%)18(7.89%)2(0.88%)2(0.88%)228
49 hours ~135(71.43%)31(17.99%)20(10.58%)—  ——  —189
4 days ~457(65.38%)136(19.46%)99(14.16%)1(0.14%)6(0.86%)699
11 days ~184(54.76%)79(23.51%)67(19.94%)1(0.30%)5(1.49%)336
21 days ~200(46.95%)117(27.46%)107(25.12%)2(0.47%)—  —426
4 ~ 12 months21(47.73%)7(15.91%)16(36.36%)—  ——  —44

Dr. Yan studied Brain Activating Acupuncture from Prof. Shi Xuemin and practiced it in the stroke unit of the 1st teaching hospital of Tianjin University of TCM. During her practice in Canada, she found it can achieve excellent results as well in other central nervous system diseases and mental disorders. Such as:

Multiple sclerosis
Cerebral palsy
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

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