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Body Tune Up Program in Calgary, AB

Body Tune Up

Your vehicle needs check ups regularly to ensure proper functioning. Your body is the same. Most of us will go for teeth cleaning every six months but never think about to tuning up the body on a regular basis to keep healthy.

Dr. Yan’s Body Tune Up Program can help the body in the following three aspects:

Detoxing: your body will produce toxins (in TCM, they are called phlegm, damp-heat and blood stasis) every day because of stress and improper life style (such as diet). If these toxins have accumulated to a certain level, they will produce diseases. According to TCM prevention, the best doctor does not treat the disease but prevents the onset of the disease. So to clean your body on a regular basis will ensure the discharge of toxins and produce a smooth flow of energy in a clean environment.

Balance correction: even though you don’t have a health issue according to your family doctor, you probably don’t feel great all the time. You have experienced ups and downs with your body. That is because your body is sometimes off balance. These changes can’t be detected through blood tests, X-rays or even MRI. Dr. Yan, after feeling your pulse, reading your tongue and asking some questions, will know what is wrong with your Yin-Yang and internal organs. After correcting these imbalances with acupuncture, your body will achieve its highest function and illness will be cured before its onset.

Seasonal adjusting: TCM thinks that the human body and nature / society is an organic whole. Changes in nature / society will affect the body. For instance: cold is predominant in winter, for people with a Yin type of body constitution (such as hypotension, hypothyroidism, cold hands and feet and low energy), they should strengthen Yang Qi before winter comes. Heat is predominant in summer, for people with a Yang type of body constitution (such as hypertension, hyperthyroidism, irritability, hot flashes and hyperactivity), they need to reinforce Yin before summer comes. Wind is predominant in spring, for people with a wind type constitution (such as stroke, vertigo, headaches, allergies and skin problems), they should soothe the liver and nourish blood before spring comes. Dryness is predominant in fall, for people with a dry constitution (such as constipation, dry coughs and dry skin), they should nourish body fluids before fall comes. Also in Calgary, during Christmas and Stampede people tend to eat and drink more, so if you tune up your digestive system beforehand, you will be less likely to get hang overs or indigestion.

A tune up program is a protocol of 6 treatments over the course of one month. Some patent Chinese herbs are needed to help the detoxing. If you don’t have any diagnosed disease, tuning yourself up once every 6 months is recommended.

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