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Acupuncture for Immune System Treatments


Many people who struggle with chronic health problems don’t realize how their issues are compounded by a weakened or compromised immune system. Many factors can undermine immune systems, but treatments like acupuncture can effectively restore their vital functions.

By stimulating the body, acupuncture therapy can help with a wide range of health issues


Vital Qi


human bodyIn Traditional Chinese Medicine, immunity is called vital qi (energy), which is a result of the proper function of several internal organs, namely the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. 

When these organs do not function properly, insufficient vital qi results, so the body has trouble fighting against external pathogenic factors, which leads to illness.

Insufficient Vital Qi or low immunity is often related to the following three aspects:

  • Liver Qi stagnation (central nervous system dysfunction): Stress undermines liver function and can block the flow of vital Qi.
  • Spleen Qi deficiency (digestive system dysfunction): The spleen has a huge influence on digestive function. We rely on strong spleen Qi to absorb nutrients and discharge waste. When spleen Qi is deficient, our bodies either don’t receive enough nutrients or retain toxins, both of which undermine Vital Qi.
  • Kidney Qi deficiency (hormonal imbalance): The kidney plays a huge role in hormonal regulation. When kidney Qi is deficient, it weakens Vital Qi.

Boost your Immune System with Southcentre Chinese Acupuncture

Dr. Hong Yan is the leading specialist in acupuncture in Calgary, who can perform an assessment of your body’s overall function and the condition of the organs that control Vital Qi. 

Under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theories, she can set up an acupuncture treatment plan to strengthen and regulate the balance of the internal organs to maintain a strong Vital Qi and boost your immune system.

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