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New Concept Acupuncture: Differentiation of Disease in Acupuncture Practice

Since I set up my clinic in Calgary in 2006, quite often I heard from my patients: “I had acupuncture before, I never felt results. But I still keep doing it, cause I think it is good for my body. But your acupuncture is different. I feel the results every time. Now I am convinced that acupuncture works!”

Today I’d like to share my 30 years of experience with you. New Concept Acupuncture is the analysis and summary of my unique style.  This course includes 6 hours teaching, 30 minutes demo and an E-book. It is focused on my  two effective protocols: Brain Activating Acupuncture and Female Hormone Balancing Acupuncture and the application of them in treating: depression, anxiety, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, headaches, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, menopause and IVF support. There are both detailed explanations and close up demos. With these two protocols, you can treat the above diseases with acupuncture only to get guaranteed  results. It is a whole new concept of modern acupuncture practice, and proven to be effective.

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To build a successful practice is difficult for new practitioners. If you are eager to learn from a well established colleague, my acupuncture online course might be the perfect option for you. This course is designed to help new practitioners understand each individual commonly seen disease in our clinics and how to combine the modern pathology with TCM theories, as well as treat them effectively with acupuncture alone. 

One of the benefits of this course is that it is NCCAOM approved, meaning that it meets the standards set by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. This approval ensures that the course is of high quality and provides accurate and up-to-date information.

Another benefit of this course is that upon completion, you can earn 12 Acupuncture PDAs / Acupuncture CEUs for Acupuncture Continuing Education. This is a great way to continue your education as an acupuncturist and stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field.

Overall, if you are looking to expand your knowledge beyond what you’ve learned at school and determined to become an excellent acupuncturist with a busy practice, this online course is your eye opener . With NCCAOM approval and the opportunity to earn Acupuncture PDAs / Acupuncture CEUs, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality education that will help you better understand how to effectively treat patients using acupuncture as your main protocol.

NCCAOM certification


Part I

  1. How acupuncture works
  2. Needling techniques
  3. Brain activate acupuncture
  4. Stress Management
    1. Depression
    2. Anxiety
    3. Insomnia
  5. Multiple sclerosis
  6. Headaches
    1. Primary headache
    2. Tension headache
    3. Sinus headache
    4. SPG acupuncture stimulation

Part II

  1. Female hormone balancing acupuncture and fertility
  2. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  3. Endometriosis
  4. IVF support
  5. Miscarriage prevention
  6. Induction
  7. Menopause syndrome
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Dr. Hong Yan’s ebook will be available to all who have registered in the course.


After registration, please download the E-book first. 80% of the course content is on the E-book. Print it out before watching the videos, so it is convenient for you to have it as course outlines and references.

What your registration provides

  • Unlimited access to 11 videos (6.5 hours) for 4 months
  • E-book
  • Published Thesis on Menopause.
  • A certificate from NCCAOM


nccaom acupuncture certification

NCCAOM certification

NCCAOM, the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the United States, is considered as the most authoritative organization for acupuncturists in North America. NCCAOM approved course is widely accepted for acupuncture continuing education. Most acupuncture registration organizations recognize NCCAOM approved acupuncture PDAs or acupuncture CEUs for license renewal. 

Dr. Hong Yan is a certified PDA provider of NCCAOM.
This acupuncture online course is approved by NCCAOM for 12 PDAs/CEUs.
The certified contents are:

  1. E-book
  2. 10 teaching videos
  3. One published article on Menopause
  4. Worksheet
  5. Final exam

Upon completion, you will get an NCCAOM certificate.
A demonstration video is included in your purchase. But it is not included in the NCCAOM
credits. You can use it as a reference.

I have created a Facebook group: New Concept Acupuncture, for those who are seriously interested or already have purchased this course. I will regularly post successful cases to show you how powerful acupuncture can be, if you know how to apply it wisely. I will also answer your questions regarding this course.


 This course can be developed into a 2-day seminar and I can easily apply for 16 NCCAOM credits. If you are interested to organize it, feel free to contact me. 


Join me and let me guide your journey of becoming an amazing acupuncturist! 

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