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Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Calgary’s Best Chinese Acupuncture

Dr. Yan has over 25 years of experience practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in Calgary with a specialization in remedying “difficult to treat” conditions. She is attentive to her patients’ needs and designs an effective treatment plan for a wide range of pain and illnesses. From everyday health problems to severe complications, Dr. Hong’s caring nature translates into her work, enabling her to relieve your symptoms by restoring your energy flow (Qi). Her treatments will have you saying goodbye to your ailments, from migraines and sinus infections to internal organ dysfunction and even pulseless disease. Calgary Southcentre Chinese Acupuncture is renowned for its IVF support and assistance within women’s health.


Welcoming Environment

Nervous about trying acupuncture? Dr. Hong has arranged her Chinese acupuncture clinic in Calgary, so it is welcoming and eases the fears of first-time patients. Be upfront with Dr. Hong about your symptoms, and she will use her expertise to help you in any way possible. Her clinic is open from Tuesday to Saturday with lunch, evening, and weekend appointments available.

Feel free to read testimonials below, or set up an appointment with Dr. Hong today for the best acupuncture services in Calgary.

Dr. Hong Yan
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“Today, thanks to Dr. Hong Yan I think clearly, I have way more energy, I feel in my forearms, hands and fingers again, I see normal through my right eye and I walk with confidence. I am totally satisfied with the treatment Dr. Hong Yan has provided me with and I recommend anyone who has health issues to faithfully try Chinese Acupuncture.”

Calgary Acupuncture Office Location

New Location in Southland Park II, South West Calgary

Southcentre Chinese Acupuncture was established in 2006 and recently relocated to Southland Park II #505 10333 Southport Rd, SW Calgary, AB T2W 3X6. The owner and sole practitioner, Dr. Hong has a master degree in Acupuncture from Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China). She started her career as an acupuncture practitioner and educator in China in 1993 and moved to Calgary in 2004. She has publications in both China and Europe. She specializes in treating a variety of disorders by using acupuncture mainly.